Established by Caritas Transcarpathia, St. Michael’s Children’s Home was registered by the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration in Uzhgorod on August 1st, 2005. The founding of the institution was commissioned by the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Munkachevo, Msgr. Antal Majnek.

Some of the children at St. Michael’s come from state orphanages, while others are directly taken from unfit parents and broken homes. According to state regulations, the children are allowed to live in our institution until 18 years of age. In addition to the regular schooling, their special talents are being nursed and soon physical and psychological rehabilitation will be available for them in order to best prepare them for adulthood and integration into society. Regular Bible studies and pastoral care also help them to cope with the traumas they had suffered and encourage them to form a positive outlook on their futures.

The parents of the houses are Christian couples who have opened their hearts and welcomed these orphaned children into their families. Taking care of these traumatized children takes a lot of love and a great deal of expertise. It is important for these parents to know how to properly handle kids with different psychological and physiological problems. They receive specific preparation for the task at hand. There are multiple events that serve this purpose, such as regular monthly meetings with parents of other children’s homes operating in the Diocese of Munkachevo. There they discuss and exchange experience and consult with a mental hygiene professional. A diocesan pastoral service for children’s homes will hopefully be launched soon.

Every year people come from all over the world to volunteer their time to the children’s home’s inhabitants. With games, personal interactions, and conversations they help the children develop mentally and spiritually. They contribute a great deal to the fulfillment of the mission of St. Michael’s Children’s Home and the rehabilitation of the children who are often plagued by a tragic past.

Once they reach 18 years of age, these young adults must start an independent life. St. Michael’s is working on a placement project for them. You can read about this project in depth by following this link…Projects ››